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Message Board Features

Message Board Features

All message board come with these basic features:

Board Settings

  • 3 message board styles to choose from: guestbook-, compressed- and threaded-style
  • Up to 300 posts for free accounts and 3000 posts for upgraded accounts
  • Allow users to search the message board (optional)

Apearance Settings

  • Customizable background color and background image
  • Customizable font color, size and face
  • Customizable message board header
  • Control message board width and alignment

Message Settings

  • Show IP address of the poster (optional)
  • Receive email notification for each new message (optional)
  • Approve all new messages before they appear on the board (optional)

Posting Preference

  • Enable flood control (optional)
  • Allow BBcode in the messages (optional)
  • Convert smilies to images in the messages (optional)
  • Disable e-mail address field when posting messages
  • Disable shouting in the subject
  • Verify human posters with captcha image (optional)
  • Allow users to preview the message before submitting (optional)

Member Settings

  • Only registered members may post messages (optional)
  • Allow registered members to use avatars (optional)
  • Allow visitors to view the list of members (optional)
  • Receive email notification for each new signup (optional)
  • Approve all new members before they can post messages (optional)

Admin Settings

  • Delete members
  • Delete messages
  • Profanity filter to filter out all bad words from the messages
  • Lock thread (no replies can be posted to a locked thread)
  • Ban an IP address of range op IP addresses from posting messages